Child seat

You wish to go on holiday with your children, your godchildren, your grandchildren?
Protect them, it is essential !

An Avis child seat or baby seat can be reserved.

Think to reserve it during your booking process

Information :French law requires that any child under 10 years old must use an appropriate reliable child seat.

Additionnal driver

You travel as a couple, with friends or family? In order to go up and down through our awesome islands, it is possible to share the steering wheel by taking an additional driver.

Avis,with additionnal driver option, allow you to add more drivers to the rental.

This option is available on line for only 20 ¤ per rental and per extra driver


We have all experienced getting lost in a foreign country...Let guide you and go off to explore our island...

Make this a thing of the past with GPS it will guide you to your holiday destinations without the troubles!

For only 6 euros per day*, No stress, and drive without the troubles.
*(from 1 to 10 days, then a flat-fee of 60 euros)

Fuel service option

Find a gas station can be stressful at the end of your car rental.
Buy a full tank option when you pick up the car at the market price*.


  • No stress
  • No refueling service fees
  • Saving of time

Make your life easier when you're returning the car.

* Option only available on the website

Super Cover option

For total peace of mind,add the super cover option. Super Cove r(A.L.I) is an optional service which, if accepted, waives your liability in case of damage (see terms and conditions)

No worries because No finanacial liability will be charge if something 's happening*.

Damage excess A.L.I amount (per day) Your excess
Car group A (type Polo 3ptes) 650,00 ¤ 8 ¤ 0 ¤
Car group F (type Audi A3) 850,00 ¤ 13 ¤ 0 ¤

* Except out of coverages and Set-up Fees

AVIS delivery service

You get a transfer to your hotel, or you wish to pick up your car directly in your hotel.

With our delivery and recovery service*, get your car directly where you are located;

Think when you make the reservation to specify the place and the hour of wished delivery, we shall call you the day of the delivery to prepare the necessary documents.

* see rate informations in terms and conditions