Created in 1946 by Warren Avis in United States, Avis grew quickly to become an international leader in the world.Wherever you are in the world,you will find an Avis rental in the area.

Avis is located in 163 countries all over the world , through 5 000 station locations ( 1250 in the airport) and 330 000 cars.

  • January 1971,Avis become settled in Martinique.
  • January 1976,Avis become settled in Guadeloupe.
  • In January 2006,Avis Guadeloupe and Avis Martinique harmonize their rates,servies and fleet.

AVIS Martinique now

650 cars available at the airport, at downtown(Trois Ilets et Marin).A delivery service is available for Hotel and cruise ship.From the economic car( Opel corsa) till the luxury car(Audi A5) , through our convertible(Audi A3) and SUV, Avis give you a wide range of vehicle.

More than 70 trucks are also available.

AVIS Guadeloupe now

300 cars available at the airport , downtown(Le Gosier).A delivery service is also available.

As in Martinique, AVIS Guadeloupe has a wide range of vehicle, from the economy car (Suzuki Swift, till the luxury car (Mercedes Class C), through the cool car (Fiat 500) and Audi TT.

You can also find trucks.