1/Age and driving license

  • Minimum age : 21 years old for all car groups except for L and N ( must have 25 years old). An additional charge will be required for all drivers less than 25 years old (see extra charges).
  • Driving license: Valid driving license issued at least 12 months previously.

The original of the driving license must be presented during the rental pick up.

2/Means of payment

A/Rental payment

Rent on arrival: estimated cost of the rental will be charged when the costumer pick the vehicle up.
We would advice paying for your rental with credit cards, cash or leisure's check

Online payment : If you pay on line,your booking confirmation is your prepaid voucher for the length of rental ; the amount of the voucher only cover what is writing on the voucher.
All the extra charges ( do not appear on the voucher) will be paid on arrival.


A Deposit (equal to the amount of collision and theft protection deductible) will be required at the pick up time. This deposit has to be necessarily made by credit card .The credit card must be on the name and last name of the first driver.

Si le dépôt de garantie ne peut être honorer à la prise du véhicule, le véhicule ne vous sera pas délivré, et aucun remboursement ne sera effectué en cas de réservation avec paiement en ligne.

Amount of the excess:

CAR GROUP Collision and theft protection waiver
A 650,00
B 750,00
C 850,00
D 800,00
F 1 000,00
G 1 000,00
H 1 250,00
K 1 500,00
L 2 000,00
M 1 750,00
O 1 500,00
P 3 000,00

Amount in €T.T.C.

Avis will not accept the check for the payment of the rental and for the deposit also.

3/ Rates

Rates included

  • Unlimited mileage.
  • Civil liability and third-party insurance.
  • Collision damage waiver and theft protection with a non-waivable excess(LDW).
  • V.A.T.

Rates don't include:

  • The non-waivable excess or the deductible in case of accident( except if A.L.I subscribed) or stole of the vehicle( In case of a stolen vehicle,if the keys are not returned to AVIS,the full value of the vehicle will be charged to the renter).
  • Personnal insurance(PAI).
  • Fuel.
  • Any damage to the tires,wheel rims.
  • Any damage underside of the vehicle.
  • Loss of the keys.
  • Towing charges except for breakdown.

A NOTER : les détenteurs de carte de réductions AVIS (Avis Antilles, AVIS Preferred, Avis Club...) ne peuvent cumuler les avantages liés à leur carte avec les tarifs proposés sur le site AVIS ANTILLES.

4/Additionnal charges

Airport surcharge:

An additional charge of 6 euros TTC per day from 1 to 4 days rentals.From 5 days rentals a flat fee of 30 euros . This extra fee will be charge for any rental from the airport.

Extra driver:

Only drivers mentionned in the rental agreement are authorised to drive the AVIS vehicle.Costumers should notify at the station, any extra driver when collecting their vehicle. A flat-rate of 20 euros per each extra driver will be charged.

Underage driver:

For under 25-year-old drivers, a flat-rate of 5 Euros per day will be charged , with a maximum of 10 days charged.

Late arrival:

In case of late arrival (flight arriving after the airport agency's opening hours), a flat fees of 35 euros will be applied per rental.

5/ Special equipment and additionnal insurances

A/ Services

Child and booster seats: 5 euros per day with a maximum of 6 days charged.

Child and booster seats: 5 euros per day with a maximum of 6 days charged.

Delivery or recovery: From 75¤ each way for delivery or recovery in a hotel.

One way fees: If the departure location is different than the return location,an extra fee of 25 euros will be charged.

GPS: 6 euros per day with a maximum of 10 days charged.A deposit of 300 euros will be asked for GPS rental.

Fuel prepaid option: You can buy a full tank option when you book your car on our website, and then do not take care about returning the car with a full tank .This option is only available on our website.

Reservation of the vehicle model: with this option, Avis offers you to book the desired vehicle model, for the flat-rate fee per rental of:

  • 12 euros for car groups A/B
  • 14 euros for car groups C/D/H
  • 16 euros for car groups F/G/K
  • 18 euros for car groups L/M/O

In case of unavailability, this option will be refunded.
This option is only available on our website.

B/ Additionnal insurance

Avis offers an extra coverage to provides you with an additionnal protection:ALI. By taking this insurance, you won't be charged for the amount of the deductible in case of damages to the vehicle.The amount of this insurance is billed per day an per car groups. This insurance can be subscribed when proceeding your online booking ( Extra coverage named Excess : super cover) or at the pick-up time. Only drivers over 25 years old can subscribe to this insurance (A.L.I).

Amount per day:

CAR GROUP A.L.I : (additional liability insurance) cancel the financial responsibility for damage to the Avis car (CDW and TPC mandatory)
A 8,00
B 9,00
C 10,00
D 9,00
F 13,00
G 13,00
H 12,00
K 15,00
L 19,00
M 17,00
O 15,00

Amount in ¤ T.T.C.

PAI (extra medical an accidental coverage for driver and passengers): 3 euros per day

Cancellation insurance D-24H : 35 euros. This insurance must be necessarily subscribe at the same time of booking; It will not be able to add this insurance after the booking confirmation.

6/Length of rental

A/ Length

Minimum charges for your rental is 24 hours. For any extra hours, a full day of rental will be charged.

B/ Extension

If you want to extend your rental, you will have to go at any Avis station to do it.We will not accept extension by phone. Avis should refuse the extension.
If the vehicle is not returned at the end of the rental,Avis should start proceedings against the renter.

C/ Returning the car

You are supposed to return the car with the full tank (except fuel prepaid option). If not, you will be billed for it.The bill price will be fixed by AVIS station.

The vehicle should be returned during AVIS station opening hours. Any vehicle returned outside the opening hours shall be under the costumer's responsibility. The return hours of the vehicle in order to close the rental agreement and determine the amount of the invoice, will be the hour of the next opening time of the agency.

Airport Parking return fees: If you park the car at the public airport parking ,you will be charge for the car park duration (public parking price) plus a flat rate of 20.00 ¤ as service fee.

At the return,in case of damages, ( even with the Super Cover subscribed) 45 euros of set-up fees will be charged.

7/Cancellation and Refund

A/ Cancellation insurance subscribed :

Since we are advised until 24 hours before the pick-up date, a refund of 100 % of the total online prepaid amount will be made less the amount of the cancellation insurance ( 35.00 euro).

B/ Without the cancellation insurance :

Cancellation more than 30 days prior the pick-up date car rental: A refund of 100 % of the total online prepaid amount will be made less 40.00 euros of processing fee

Cancellation between 30 to 16 days prior the pick-up date car rental: A refund of 70% of the total online prepaid amount will be made less 40.00 euros of processing fee

Cancellation between 15-7 days prior the pick-up date car rental : A refund of 40% of the total online prepaid amount will be made less 40.00 euros of processing fee

Cancellation less than 7 days prior the pick-up date car rental : no refund will be made

No refund will be made by AVIS on the rental or options if you decide to return the car earlier or cancel an option"